Public Supply

Public water supply has important quality and safety requirements for human consumption. It is a vital sector for the quality of life of communities.

Textile Industry

The textile industry is going through one of the most challenging moments in its history, as a result of the emergence of new synthetic fiber solutions. The industrial and resource handling paradigm is rapidly changing and strongly anchored in R&D.

Electronic Industry

The electronics industry covers several subsectors. The biggest and most essential one for the whole value chain is the semiconductors industry, with annual sales of around 500 billion dollars.

Food and Beverage Industry

It is one of the most diversified sectors in terms of company size, ranging from large international industrial groups to SMEs. The demands regarding the use of water are also particularly versatile, combining sanitary needs with those of production efficiency.

Brewery Industry

The brewing industry stands out for its growth in a range of geographies and for the multiplicity of companies of different sizes. It has a remarkable impact on the European and world economy and generates employment along an extensive value chain.

Metallurgical Industry

The metallurgical sector is one of the most important of the so-called base industries and is at the origin of a multiplicity of value chains. It is one of the sectors in which automation and environmental technology has played its most transformational role.

Chemical, Petrochemical and Refining Industry

Of fundamental importance to almost all sectors, including textiles, paints, automobiles, pulps, water treatment, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, health and cosmetics, among others. Its products comprise the composition of around 95% of all the produced goods.

Automobile Industry

One of the sectors in which water shows its most versatility. Its main uses include treatment and coating of surfaces, paint spraying booths, washing, cooling and boilers.

Pulp and Paper Industry

One of the central characters of the so-called bioeconomy, the Pulp and Paper Industry is a sector where R&D is multiplying the opportunities for using raw materials from forestry sources as an alternative to carbon-intensive materials.

Plastic and Rubber Industry

It's a sector undergoing a profound transformation, stooding out in the search for new competences in terms of the final product sustainability and the adopted raw materials. It is an universal sector in our daily lives.

Electricity and Steam Production Industry

A new generation of steam turbines plays a significant role in the renewable energy sector. The efficiency of water use is essential, whether in power stations or in uses such as district heating.

Extractive Industry

The extractive industry is the basis of raw materials for vital sectors, including electronics industry or the production of batteries for the electric mobility. Therefore, the sector gains a renewed impetus in a context of modernization and sustainability.


The use of water in the Health sector, namely in the hospital environment, represents a health security challenge. Best practices and available technologies are an unavoidable condition.


The pharmaceutical industry has significant specificities, highlighting the need for quality water and meticulous waste treatment. Therefore, it is one of the most demanding sectors when it comes to water-related engineering.


The multiple uses of water, with different degrees of purity or temperature, make laboratories one of the most specialized ecosystems in the usage of this resource.

Hospitality, Buildings and Special Facilities

In spaces with intensive use, water management is an environmental and economic issue. Engineering projects that make a solid contribution to ensuring efficiency standards in buildings, mitigating risks, improving safety and reducing costs. Technology and integrated management plans appear hand in hand on all projects.

Swimming-Pools & SPA

Advanced and tested water treatment technologies, both in the type of equipment selected and in the chosen chemical technologies.

Private customers

Regardless of the dimension, we answer to the specific needs of each customer with a project that includes the most suitable engineering and technologies.

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