Responsibility, Respect, Justice, and Honesty.

These are the four values ​​that guide our project management, in line with the Project Management Institute's guidelines.

In an area where the specificity of projects means a great proximity to the customer, these are even more important pillars for the success of our engineering.

Therefore, our portfolio is more than a list of projects. These are a number of reasons to be proud of the success of our customers.


Tire Extrusion Industry

Increasing the sustainability levels of process by water reuse

The rubber industry has sought to increase the sustainability levels of its operation, starting to recirculate more process water, and making this process more independent of the fresh water feed. Enkrott was then challenged by one of its customers to create a solution that would allow it to treat and recirculate water heavily contaminated with carbon black, a material that is part of tire composition. As a result, an innovative solution to a recurring and significant problem in the operation of a major customer was created. Given the industrial context of the project, Enkrott decided to base the developed solution on the application of ultrafiltration (UF) processes to the treatment of water contaminated with carbon black.

Indorama Project

Chemical Industry Project

Purified Terephtalic Acid (PTA)

Implementation of a cooling tower purge recovery system (870,000 m³/year) through multimedia filtration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis (105 m³/h) allowing to increase the cooling tower concentration cycles from 2.3 to 2 .9, 38.5% reduction in Industrial water consumption in the cooling tower, 34% reduction in the consumption of corrosion/scaling inhibitors in the CWT, 38.5% reduction in the consumption of sulfuric acid in the correction of the pH of the water. refrigeration.


Microelectronics Project

This UF system was applied to recover the waste water from the CHIP circuit boards cutting/sawing process in a Microelectronic industry. The main challenges we found were the high variability of this water quality and some unknown constituents in it, due to some products applied upstream in the cutting process.


Antarctica Project

Water treatment for the Brazilian Navy research station at Antarctica

Enkrott was responsible for the conception, construction, supply and start-up of the entire water treatment systems, in the new facilities of the Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station belonging to the Brazilian Navy. At this site will carry out studies on the local climate and environment. This project was prepared for by the CEIEC company, located in Beijing, China.


BEKP Industry Project

Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp

The customer needed a modular solution for this facility designed to produce demineralized water to feed a high-pressure boiler (96 bar). The main objective in designing a modular installation was to move towards a more sustainable investment and ensure that maintenance of all equipment was possible without having to stop the factory, in addition to reducing equipment usage.

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