Enkrott has its national mixed Portuguese brand registered with the number 533984 within the Nice 01 (Anti-incrustants; Industrial chemicals) and 11 (Filters [parts of household or industrial installations]; Sea water desalination plants; Water purification installations; Purification installations classifications for sewage; Water supply installations).

The logo uses two different color settings: blue letters (RGB 0/115/174) with a white background or white letters. Click on the links below to access the different file formats with our logo:


Enkrott holds the Colberge brand, which consists of a mixed Portuguese national brand registered under number 393010 within the Nice 07 (Machines and machine tools; Motors and engines [except for land vehicles]; COUPLINGS AND DRIVE BELTS.) and 09 (SCIENTIFIC) classifications , NAUTICAL AND GEODETIC APPARATUS AND INSTRUMENTS.).

The logo uses the colors blue (RGB 29/45/93) and gray (RGB 117/117/120). Click on the links below to access the different file formats:

Other brands

Enkrott also owns the following brands:

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