1) What are cookies

Cookies are data files (in text) exchanged between the Website server and the browser and are returned after each new connection. These files are stored on the User's computer and allow the system to recall features or navigation preferences from previous sessions.

2) How we use cookies

Enkrott uses cookies when the User navigates through our Website to facilitate and customize the User's browsing through the Website, but these cookies are not invasive or harmful and do not contain personal information. Website cookies help Enkrott analyze Website usage more accurately.

Enkrott does not use its own cookies for advertising purposes or to associate browsing data with individuals who have not been previously identified.

The following third party cookies are also used: Google Analytics

3) How to change your cookies preferences

If you wish, you can disable the cookies used in this website using the Consent Management Tool.

Released on 07 July 2022

Enkrott, Gestão e Tratamento de Águas, S.A. uses proprietary and third-party cookies to manage the proper functioning of the website and for analytical purposes. You may customise your preferences by clicking on the Edit button. For more information, please access our Cookie Policy.