Enkrott will contribute to the improvement of water management in the textile and clothing industry

Dec. 2, 2022

Enkrott is one of the partners of the GIATEX project - Smart Water Management in the Textile and Clothing Industry, whose objective is to create a new paradigm in water management in a sector of great relevance in Portuguese industry, based on a more efficient and rational use.

GIATEX will be developed by a consortium formed under a Mobilizing Agenda of the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan, led by Estamparia Adalberto, with scientific coordination from the CITEVE technological centre and participation of 27 partners, including companies, universities and other entities. The project, which has an investment of more than 20 million euros, started on October 31, 2022.

In view of the characteristics of their production process, companies in the textile and clothing sector are, as a rule, intensive consumers of water. For Enkrott, this is an opportunity to contribute with its know-how and technology, both in water treatment processes and in digital solutions applied to them, to improve the use of this essential resource in this industry, which results in clear benefits in the environmental and economic domains.

The consortium proposes to reduce the specific consumption of water with the introduction of less intensive textile ennobling technologies and treatment systems that allow its reuse and circulation, as well as apply monitoring and control systems that support the decision and integral management of water in its process.

To this end, it will put into practice a methodology that includes the study and characterization of processes, the development of intelligent monitoring systems, the implementation of technologies applied in pilot units and the development of a computer tool to support water management.


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