Enkrott concludes new project for the pharmaceutical industry in Cape Verde

Sept. 9, 2022

Enkrott completed a project to renovate the water treatment system at Inpharma, the largest pharmaceutical company in Cape Verde, a country where it has been operating for over 20 years through the supply and installation of solutions for various companies and entities.

Replacing an old installation that required frequent stops in the production process, this project was particularly demanding from the point of view of the design and materials adopted, in order to comply with the strict rules for the use of water for laboratory purposes and the production of medicines.

The water treatment solution was built in the form of a ring, creating a permanent disinfection circulation circuit, which supplies “ultrapure” water to the laboratory and production area. By not having right angles or sharp curves, this circular design ensures a more regular flow and avoids the existence of areas with potential for contamination. The entire ring is made of PPH (Homopolymer Polypropylene), a material that stands out for allowing easy sterilization.

The treatment is carried out using multimedia filtration, composed of layers of different granulometries to retain suspended solids; activated carbon filtration to remove disinfecting agents; and demineralization, through ion exchange resins.

With origin on the public supply network, the water obtained after the treatment process installed by Enkrott has a quality of < 1 µS/cm, which means a very low conductivity value. Due to this characteristic, it is classified as “ultrapure”, a factor of extreme importance in its use for this and other industrial purposes.

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