Thinking with no box

Innovation is part of our daily work.

In a world that is rapidly changing towards new development patterns and new business models, we know that innovation is an essential factor in the growth and competitiveness of our customers and that is why we actively promote the search for customized products and solutions, anticipating the needs from the market.

It's almost commonplace to say that we have to think outside the box to achieve great things. But what if we jump out of the box and the solution is still inside it? That's why at Enkrott we say that we think without a box.

Sharing Knowledge

We have an Innovation Department that monitors and enhances ID&I activities and inspires creativity and project leadership, so that the culture of innovation is transversal to the company.

We actively collaborate with entities from the National and International Scientific and Technological Systems and we consider these partnerships an important part of our innovation, because they reflect the demand and sharing of knowledge.

We also carry out activities within the scope of Horizon 2020, the framework program for research and innovation of the European Union, and Portugal 2020 (pBio4.0 Project).

Innovation at Enkrott has sustainability and circular economy as inherent concepts.

The innovative products and solutions we place on the market influence organizational productivity and efficiency in the use of resources.

Inspired by the work of Simon Sinek, we built the Enkrott Innovation Golden Circle.

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