Co-financed by:

Project designation | Enkrott International

Project code | LISBOA-02-0752-FEDER-025452

Main objective | Strengthening the competitiveness of SME

Intervention region | Lisbon

Beneficiary entity | Enkrott, Gestão e Tratamento de Águas S.A.

Approval date | 05-04-2017

Start date | 14-11-2016

Conclusion date | 31-10-2018

Total eligible cost | 214.340.63 EUR

EU financial support | FEDER – 85.736,25 EUR


Actions were defined in order to quickly obtain the expected business volumes, in the international distribution channels, by direct export, according to which:

  • Selective choice of markets/countries to obtain a rapid increase in business volume in the international segment;
  • Efforts to consolidate the Moroccan and Irish markets;
  • Consolidation of the Colberge brand in the product segment: dosing and control systems;
  • Differentiation by customization, taking significant steps towards the series production of customized products;
  • Maximization of the positive impact on the fairs held, as they are the communication / promotion channel par excellence in this international market segment, with a special focus on the fairs: IFAT and AQUATECH;
  • Definition of Key Account Managers, as a way to improve the follow-up of acquired customers;
  • Trade-off between margin and service: maximizing ex-works sales without after-sales service, reinforcing the logic of tradable product;
  • Increase in the product logic based on the production of technological equipment.


  • The project targeted 17 target markets and carried out 28 markets, both community and third, such as: Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe, Mozambique, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Ireland, Serbia, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Argentina, Algeria, Austria, China, Cape Verde, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Kuwait, Kenya, Romania and the United States.
  • Carrying out 18 prospecting trips and capturing new customers in foreign markets in countries such as: Morocco, Ireland, Serbia, Mozambique, Spain and Germany.
  • Presence in five international fairs and events, such as:
    • IWATER 2016
    • Aquatech 2017
    • IFAT 2018
    • IWATER 2018
    • ACHEMA 2018

Expected results:

Increase in the range of countries and sales volume in export markets (covering 30 countries in 2019), through the consolidation of existing customers and the acquisition of new customers in one-off deals and continuity projects.

Achieved results:

  • Enkrott continues to position itself as a Technology Provider and its ability to customize equipment allows it to differentiate itself in the international market.
    It maintains a sustained growth and exports to countries in several geographies and to clients with recurring sales.
  • Product export references to more than 40 destinations worldwide:
    • Europe: Spain, France, England, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Greece;
    • Africa: Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, Kenya and São Tomé and Príncipe;
    • Asia: China, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia;
    • Oceania: Australia
    • America: Argentina, Chile, United States of America, Panama and Ecuador;
    • Antarctica;
  • Creation of connections within large groups, with export opportunities to different destinations;
  • Development of specific systems for some customers, adopted as own brands and distributed on a significant scale.

Project description:

Examples of some relevant projects are presented below:

  1. Development of an own model of Chlorine Dioxide generators, together with a Belgian company;
  2. Development of a specific model of polyelectrolyte preparers for installation on cruise ships, jointly with a Finnish and German company;
  3. Supply of Polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing systems for installations in the Philippines, through an Indian company;
  4. Supply of reagent preparation, storage and dosing systems to Algeria;
  5. Development of an own model of Chlorine Dioxide generators, together with an English company;
  6. Implementation of a compact Ferric Sulfate plant for an Irish company;
  7. Supply of an Aluminum Sulfate preparation and dosing station for a Tunisian company;
  8. Supply of a Polyelectrolyte preparation system to a South African company;
  9. Supply and development of a process water treatment system, for a multinational tire industry, with facilities in Malaysia, Thailand, China, South Africa, Ecuador, Romania and the United States of America;
  10. Establishment of a partnership with a company in Australia and New Zealand that allowed the development of a specific product line for this market, based on membrane technology;
  11. Supply and installation of a containerized dosing system for Kuwait;
  12. Supply, installation and start-up of a containerized water treatment system in Argentina;
  13. Supply, installation and start-up of a modular water treatment system in Nigeria;
  14. Supply of a membrane water treatment system to industrial customers in Morocco;
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