Technology at the service of water treatment

Recovered Water
thousands m³
Water recovered by Enkrott in 2022

Operating in the industrial and human water treatment sector since 1961, Enkrott laces science at the center of attention, developing innovative technologies, products and engineering solutions, capable of responding to an increasingly demanding market, in which there are no two customers with identical needs.

The know-how and human capital are our assets. It is through high technological and engineering skills that we reach the most suitable solutions for the challenge presented by each client.

We conceive, design, implement and monitor the best way to meet the needs of those who look for our services, after a careful analysis of all the variables. From any other part of the world, our team assesses all local specificities to create and develop a tailored solution.

We know by heart the most usual problems and the best solutions ever, but as the world and companies evolve, new challenges arise. That's why we systematically invest in engineering and innovation, the core abilities of our DNA. We have an integrated vision of water treatment, with a practice that matches equipment and solutions, including the most advanced in the field of efficiency and industrial automation.

By providing the best solution for the treatment and retrieve of your company's water streams, we strongly contribute to the improvement of your sustainable management indicators. In the current context of climate emergency and resource preservation, we believe we can be a partner in the sustainable development of your business.

We are here for you, with a vision of the future.

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